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The Principal Printing Ways

Time:2022-09-27 Author:Huaiho

  Printing ways changes as time goes by, since Chinese invented woodcut movable type printing technology. Nowadays the major printing ways are as follows:


  Offset printing (Offset) is also called Off-set Printing in Guangdong and Hong Kong area, and it is also one of the lithography. It is the main printing method with high precision clearly, restoring original colour contrast and levels. Offset printing can be used by the most common paper printing, introduction, manual paper books, magazines, calendar and other related color print packing.


  Flexography is a type of letterpress printing technology, used to be called aniline printing that is using rubber and soft resin as printing plate, water soluble or alcohol - soluble ink printing. The initial color is aniline dye, so it is known as aniline printing. It is often suitable for printing plastic bag labels and the fine degree of corrugated printing dot line is close to offset printing. Flexographic printing is mainly divided into unit type flexographic printing and satellite flexographic printing. In the past, the main domestic application type is flexographic printing, but now Satellite flexographic printing is more and more widely used. The main benefit of satellite flexographic printing is the ability to accurately control the tension of the substrate.

  Silk screen printing as a kind of use category is very broadly used, in accordance with the divisions of the material can be divided into: printing fabric printing, plastic printing, metal printing, printing of pottery and porcelain, glass printing, printing, electronic products lottery printing, electricity ACTS the role of whiteboard screen printing, metal tell white silk screen, stainless steel screen printing products, optical reflector screen printing, silk screen printing electrochemical aluminum, silk-screen prints and lacquer screen printing and so on.

  As one of the hole printing techniques, it has printing ink is particularly strong, which is the most appropriate choice to make special effects printing. According to the difference of the substrate material can be divided into : Square box, round bottle, and also be printed cloth plastic laminated sheet metal sheet glass, etc. Common new products include banners, t-shirts, corrugated box, and printed circuit board, etc. The flexibility of screen printing is not comparable to other printing methods.

  Intaglio Printing

  It is suitable of printing high quality and expensive products. No tter they are colorful or black and white pictures or not, Intaglio Printing is able to compared with photos. However, because of its high cost and the large amount, it is also a kind of less used in general methods. As a result, It is suitable for the printing of certificates or stationery of the commercial credibility of securities stock certificates.

  Rapid development of science and technology, today we can adopt some of the above printing methods by computer directly in the media output. The electrostatic imaging and laser technology are mature to make small batch of high-quality requirements of "on-demand printing", which can be achieved.