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How to maintain CTP Plate?

Time:2022-09-27 Author:Huaiho

  In the printing process, the printing plate is a link between the front and the bottom. After the printing plate is completed, judge the printing quality and printing resistance. Grinding and installation are two common problems in plate production, often a serious waste of raw materials and time. It is important to protect the CTP version.

  The wear of the punching gear transmission was a burnt smell during the normal operation of the CTP version of Dongguan. It was found that the butter and oil of the press transmission had been exhausted. Because the needle was not injected in time, the gear part of the punch was severely worn, and the smell of burning was found.

  When using UV-CTP equipment, dual-entry versions generally have dual-entry issues. By careful observation, there is a dual sensor between the device and the CTP host. When the laser is exposed, the laser exposes some dust. After a while, the accumulation of dust will reduce the sensitivity of the dual sensors.

  At this time, if the two boards are installed on the head clamp of the CTP host together, and the two sensors cannot induce signals in time, the boards cannot be clamped. When the equipment is working at high speed, the harm to the equipment is very simple. It is necessary to protect and protect the equipment and scrub the equipment regularly.

  Since then, the device's dual-entry problem has never happened again. The CTP version has high requirements for ambient temperature and humidity. It requires air conditioning during the winter and summer seasons. In past work, we encountered situations where CTP equipment could not be prepared due to low ambient temperature.