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what is ctp plate?

Time:2022-09-26 Author:Huaiho

  what is ctp plate?

  CTP platemaking in the printing industry refers to the technology of directly transferring the numbers, pictures or pages edited in the electronic prepress processing system or color desktop system to the platemaking technology, eliminating the need for photosensitive films and some chemical agents, and also omitting The use of film processing equipment, etc., reduces costs, saves time and space, and improves platemaking efficiency.


  In contrast to CTP platemaking technology, PS platemaking requires film printing on the PS plate, and the use of photosensitive negatives, imposition, platemaking, and PS plate preprinting processes. PS plate-making film base is prone to aging after long-term use, and the pictures and texts exposed will be dim. Can not reflect the subtle part of the work picture, easy to print blurred.


  CTP technology shortens the pre-printing preparation time, fully improves the printing efficiency, strengthens the control of the printing outlets, realizes fine printing, reduces the plate making process, saves time and effort, and speeds up the delivery cycle.


  CTP plate-making technology is generally divided into heat-sensitive type, silver salt type, photopolymerization type and treatment-free CTP technology. Among them, thermal CTP platemaking technology is currently the most mature, stable, and effective platemaking technology. The thermal CTP plate has very low natural light sensitivity and is exposed by infrared laser, so it can be operated in bright room conditions.


  The dots of the thermal plate have good reproducibility, high resolution, and sharp and clear edge of the dots. It is easy to achieve water-ink balance when printing, has good printability, and has a printing resistance of more than 1 million prints .